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Aggregates Ballymena

Get the best aggregates near Ballymena from your very own Slemish Landscape Centre. As a growing name in the decorative stone, paving and garden supplies business, we keep a wide range of aggregates to suit the needs of our customers with varying preferences. You can visit our premises or order your driveway aggregate online using our website and we will be happy to deliver your purchases to your doorstep.

The products in our stock of aggregates near BallymenaLooking for aggregates? Visit Slemish Landscape Centre for a great range of mourne granite, plum slate, bark mulch and many more types of aggregates!

Aggregates are natural materials, essentially crushed stone of various kinds and quality, each unique in its colour, shape, and size. Aggregates build beautiful driveways that provide great grip to the wheels and maintain a look of organic rough beauty and elegance. We maintain significant variety in our aggregates stock, but the materials most popular among our customers are as follows:

  • Mourne Granite: An extremely hard wearing stone, Mourne Granite is perfect for your driveways, borders and paths. Its natural colour is a mix of sparkly dark bluish grey and the stones come in 20mm size, which is suitably medium for driveway aggregate. We usually market in bulk bags of approximately 1 tonne in weight.
  • Plum Slate: This is another popular product of ours with 40mm stones that look large in comparison with your usual aggregate stones. As a flat stone, this plum slate aggregate perfectly blends in the driveway, flowerbeds and garden borders. It comes in a rich plum hue that maintains itself for years to come. This slate aggregate near Ballymena comes in bulk bags that weigh 1 tonne each. 
  • Bark Mulch: Apart from traditional aggregates, we keep gravel and mulch to be used for decorative and practical reasons. Our mulch works as a weed suppressant along with looking pretty spread in the base of your trees and around your plants. It has a golden-brown faded colour to it and looks like lightly grounded wood (which it actually is).

Driveway aggregates at their best

We always recommend homeowners to use driveway aggregates near Ballymena. Driveway aggregates are a great way of giving the entry point of your house a stable approach and safe surface for the wheels. They make the perfect driveway surface for several reasons, including the fact that they are often very tough and durable materials. This means your driveway surface will stay intact and in great condition for years to come. In comparison with one big piece to play the surface, aggregate chippings are much more durable, as your surface is in no danger of getting cracked or broken. Similarly, driveway aggregate chippings only need a proper raking session after a large fluid spill, which would be a disaster on a tarmac or concrete driveway. Additionally, aggregates come in many colours and give your driveway a beautiful blended hue and texture.

Order online and we will deliver the aggregates to your doorstep in Ballymena

With our focus on giving you great customer service, we have enabled purchases on our website and provide home delivery in a lorry or crane, whichever is required. Since we stock most of the products on our website, we will be happy to deliver them to your doorstep the next day once you have placed your online order. Get your aggregates near Ballymena using our website or call us for any questions.