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Stones Coleraine

Getting the best stones near Coleraine was never so easy before. With Slemish Landscape Centre stocking and selling a variety of the best-in-quality stones for decoration, landscaping, and other such uses, homeowners in Coleraine have a reliable place to go get all kinds of stones they need for their decorative, landscaping, paving, and resurfacing projects. We are considered specialists in landscaping and gardening supplies.

Our most popular kinds of stones near Coleraine Looking for stones near Coleraine? Visit Slemish Landscape Centre for a great range of garden pebbles, decorative stones, Bradstone paving and much more!

There are a number of ways in which stones play a critical role in landscaping projects of all kinds. Whether you are building a pond in your garden, resurfacing your driveway, or thinking about making your patio look more beautiful, the various kinds of stones we stock can bring out the best in your projects. While we sell many kinds of stones near Coleraine, the following are among our top-sellers:

  • Garden Pebbles: Garden pebbles near Coleraine have become quite a specialty for us. We understand the various uses one could put them up to and the many reasons why garden owners in Coleraine are choosing garden pebbles for decorative purposes every day. They are highly durable stones and can stay perfectly fine in just about any temperature levels. They are helpful with mulching. They are beautiful to look at. We stock garden pebbles in many soft hues and sizes so you can take home the ones you prefer.
  • Decorative Stones: We stock a number of kinds of decorative stones near Coleraine so you can build beautiful zen gardens, add a natural look to your water features, resurface your driveway with great looking highly-functional gravel, or create gorgeous walkways around your patio and garden. As a trusted supplier of high-quality decorative stones in the county, we can help you build a beautiful home with our stones.
  • Bradstone Paving: Another very useful, and popular, kind of stones near Coleraine is Bradstone paving. The material comes in a great variety of textures and colours but always brings the same measure of durability and function. It comes in slabs and tiles, and we make sure our stock contains these in uniform width and specifications so you can use the stones without having to pick out the good ones from the rest.

Stones specialists for decoration, resurfacing and paving

As specialists in stones near Coleraine, we are continually helping homeowners in the area to build beautiful gardens, patios, driveways, and paths using our variety of decorative stones. Our products come from reliable manufacturers who are trusted by landscaping experts in the region. Therefore, when we deliver stones to our customers, they know they are getting the best product for the right price.

Delivering high-quality stones in Coleraine

We have our stones listed in our online store so you can browse your options, see images, and read the specifications before you decide which ones you want. You can place your order online with our secure website and also request us to deliver your purchases to your doorstep (We might have to charge you a fee for that).

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