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Garden Tools Broughshane

We stock endless garden tools near Broughshane in our store. When you visit our on-premises or online store, you will find an abundance of garden tools that you might need for a number of tasks in the garden. We also make sure our customers have plenty of options to get the right products that are in accordance with their preferences.

Our wide range of garden tools near Broughshane Looking for garden tools near Broughshane? Visit Slemish Landscape Centre for a wide range of garden tools, ladders, wheel barrows, hose reels, spades, shears, rakes, tool sets and much more!

Our focus on variety is one sure-fire way of giving our customers the satisfaction they expect from stores led by experts. As a growing name for delivering high-quality gardening tools near Broughshane, Slemish Landscape Centre is delivering customers all the tools and equipment they will need for various tasks in the garden. Our vast stock includes:

  • Ladders: If you regularly work around the house and like to take care of your landscaping projects yourself, our stock of ladders will be of great service to you. Whether you are building a new pond in the garden or need to scale the wall to prune your trees, our DIY ladders will be there to hold you in place. We stock garden ladders near Broughshane in variable length so you can get the one that meets your needs.
  • Wheel Barrows: When you build your garden, bring in the plants, change your flowerbed soil, or carry any load in the garden, a reliable wheel barrow will make the task that much easier. We stock basic utility wheel barrows near Broughshane as well as fancy looking ones so that customers with all tastes can take home a wheel barrow for gardening.
  • Hose Reels: Our collection of watering equipment near Broughshane mostly focuses on providing customers with hose reels of the best quality, although we also showcase back-pack pressure sprayers in our display. Our Hozelock products in this category come with numerous great features that allow convenient watering of the garden. The Hozelock hose reels in our stock come in variable lengths of up to 60m so you can easily manoeuvre the garden and reach every plant.
  • Spades: A wise gardener once said a half of gardening is digging, and, oh, was he right! Whether you are planting your annuals for the new season, changing your soil, making new flowerbeds, or adding a water feature to the garden, you are going to need one or two good spades that suit your own height and provide ease of work in the dirt. Our range of spades includes many face shapes so you can work efficiently for all kinds of digging and lifting with the right spade or shovel.
  • Shears: Keeping your trees, shrubs and plants neatly pruned is a secret that seasoned gardeners use to land compliments. To do the same, you need a pair of shears, hand-held secateurs, saws, and other such hedging tools near Broughshane which you can easily find in our stock.
  • Rakes: Keeping the lawn clean of fallen leaves and pulling out weeds are two tasks that you can perform with a good rake. We stocked garden rakes and hoes in various faces and lengths so you can take home a multi-purpose tool and be happy you bought it from us.
  • Tool Sets: Some of our garden tools near Broughshane come in sets, such as the AM-TECH flexible gear spanners, our 99-piece titanium coated drill bit set, AM-TECH cordless screw driver set, the AM-TECH knife kit, and hose connector sets. With these tool sets, you get to get the fixtures done with perfectly sized tools.
  • Accessories: Among other tools that we stock in our inventory, we have a number of gardening accessories, such as buckets, measuring tapes, hand-held weeders, copper tape rolls to take care of the slug problem, mixing bottles, heavy duty forks, folding knives, tubs, trowels, and hand trucks, to name a few.

Best in quality and performance tools for your Broughshane garden

On the one hand, we have a strong focus on making sure we provide our customers with a lot of variety in our stock of gardening tools but, on the other hand, we know the quality of products we sell has a huge impact on how satisfied the customers will eventually feel with their purchases. This is why when it comes to our collection of garden tools near Broughshane, we only choose tools manufactured by brands that are trusted across the UK. This ensures that our customers are getting the instruments they are already familiar with and trust. Since these tools are of great quality, they last for years and give our customers a sense of prudent investments. After all, your lasting trust with our product lines and services is much more important to us than just to sell you items.

Focus on customer service: Online store, expert advice, and home delivery

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is absolute and a guiding principle for all decisions we make. This is why we do everything we can to give our customers as much convenience as we can. We have a fully-functional online store that allows you to browse our stock in various product categories. You can conveniently pick the products you want in quantities you prefer and place your order online and, if you opt for it, we will send your purchases to your home. We also offer free expert advice for on-premises customers.

Visit the premises or our website to order garden tools near Broughshane.