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Slate Larne

Your search for great slate near Larne ends here. Whether you want aggregate chippings to be used in place for bark mulch, decorate your multi-texture paths from the garden to the room, give your driveway a resurfacing, or use slate slabs for paving your patio, slate is a great material to use. Our customers from Larne are using our slate products for all of these purposes and others.

Our most popular products of slate near Larne and the UK Looking for slate near Larne? Visit Slemish Landscape Centre for a great range of slate aggregate chippings, slate paving, slate water features and much more!

Slate comes in many shapes and forms, and all of them are used for landscaping projects in the garden or out. Our range of offerings for slate near Larne exceeds a usual bullets list, but we have included the three most popular products below:

  • Slate Aggregate Chippings: Aggregates can make any outdoor surface look its best with chic elegance of small stones of varying hues spread within the design, giving an unusual impression of disciplined chaos. With slate chippings, the shape of the aggregate changes and makes for thin slices of edgy rock. They often come in dark grey to blue to brown hues and in variable sizes (20mm and larger). Our collection of slate aggregates near Larne gives you all the options you can expect in the market.
  • Slate Paving: Our products for slate paving near Larne are also among our best-sellers. The paving material comes as both tiles and larger slabs each of which are liked for the unique look they give the floor. The slightly rough surface keeps shoes from slipping and gives you a good grip. Depending on the thickness, slate paving can provide unbeatable durability to your driveways and other surfaces among other benefits.
  • Slate Water Features: We also stock water features made of slate for the garden. In particular, our multi-faucet fountain made of slate is a popular garden water feature among our customers. You can browse our stock of slate water features among our product lines for slate near Larne in our premises and also in our online store.

Great slate products to last and look beautiful

Slate is a versatile and refined floor surface that can be turned into thick slabs, stylish tiles, and chippings, each of which is highly useful for various flooring projects. As a major supplier of slate flooring near Larne, we know where to get the best quality slate paving products for our customers. We have the perfect combination of colours and sizes available for all of your slate paving that allows you to take home the products you like most.

Delivering your slate purchases to your doorstep near Larne and the UK

Depending on the quantity you purchase, as well as the measurements involved, we can have your slate products delivered to your doorstep.

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