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Paving Slabs Belfast

We offer great paving slabs near Belfast for your garden and patio. As a growing family run business specialising in decorative stone, paving and garden supplies, Slemish Landscape Centre is making a name for both quality and variety in our inventory. As experts in stone paving, we can help you plan the best layout and look for your patio and garden without a problem.

Our range of paving slabs near Belfast Looking for paving slabs near Belfast? Slemish Landscape Centre offers a variety of paving slabs. Visit us and get marble, slate, granite, and many more types for your patio and garden or buy online!

We believe in giving our customers a wide variety of choices so they can choose the kind of paving slabs they want. Our stock includes a few traditional options along with the latest materials that more and more homeowners are getting these days. In terms of variety, we offer the following in our range of paving slabs near Belfast:

  • Marble Slabs: Marble slabs have a timeless look to them. They look perfect even after a decade and, with the quality of marble our slabs have, even the intricate veins stay the same for years. Our marble paving near Belfast is tough, keeps its smooth finish for long, and comes in quite a few colours.
  • Vitrified Slabs: Our vitrified paving slabs come in a range of their own materials, including stone and wood, and in an array of hues of brown, blue, and grey. The materials absorb little moisture over the years and stay clean of moss, not to mention the great new look these slabs keep for years.  
  • Slate Slabs: Slate paving near Belfast is a traditional choice of many homeowners, and our slate slabs come with better definition and are built with advanced technology that ensures greater durability, low moisture absorption, and longer years of great performance.
  • Limestone Slabs: If you prefer strength over any other feature in your paving, you might want to go for our range of limestone slabs. These slabs come in various colours from light brown to charcoal grey and definitely make for the most durable limestone paving near Belfast that you will come across.
  • Granite Slabs: Our more recent addition in materials is granite paving near Belfast. Our granite slabs are finished with hand and carry a variety of looks in the texture. These slabs come in many colours and are more to the side of great looks than confidence in durability for decades, but a lot of new homeowners in this part of the world are favouring this material for its gorgeous looks.
  • Sandstone Slabs: Natural sandstone makes for a classic paving material used by European royalty for centuries. Our sandstone paving near Belfast comes in a handful of colour blends, each of which can uniquely give your patio or garden a great look. When it comes to paving slabs near Belfast, our collection will not fall short of what you wished to get.

Absolutely no compromise on garden slabs quality

We are very focused on bringing the best of paving materials to our customers. Our paving slabs are built with the finest materials and by expert makers whom professionals in the industry have trusted for decades. We make sure we source paving materials, and slabs, from recognised and trusted suppliers so you can only get the best for your garden and patio paving. With our garden slabs, you will not have to worry about your paved pathways in and around the garden. Besides this, we also stock a great range of landscaping gravels and aggregates.

Delivering the best paving slabs to your doorstep

We deliver paving slabs and all other products to your doorstep in Belfast for a small fee and the comfort of safely getting your purchases delivered to your doorstep. Visit us or call to order the best paving slabs near Belfast.