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Patio Ballymoney

Looking for a patio near Ballymoney? If you want a gorgeous patio, get your materials, equipment, tools, and expert advice from Slemish Landscape Centre. We are a family owned business specialising in paving materials and garden supplies, assisting garden owners in Ballymoney and its surrounding areas to get the best of quality, price and variety under one roof. As a group of landscaping experts, we help our customers build beautiful patios and much more.

Variety of options for creating a patio in Ballymoney 

  • Patio landscaping is a great strategy that can turn apparently useless spaces become not only useful but also add a unique kind of beauty to your house. Homeowners with a patio in Ballymoney have trusted us for years to deliver the best quality patio paving materials and accessories that bring out the best in their open spaces. Our products lines in this category include:
  • Bradstone Paving: A name respected and loved by landscaping experts and home owners across the UK, Bradstone paving materials come in a wide variety of options. Our stock of Bradstone paving near Ballymoney is a great collection of the finest materials, designs, and colours. With our Bradstone products, you will able to build a great patio in Ballymoney without spending your entire gardening budget.
  • Patio Paving Materials: Patios can be built in so many wonderful ways, and we have enough options in patio paving materials for you to build yours exactly the way you imagined it. Our range of materials allows us to offer our customers the finest variety of patio paving in Ballymoney. From Old Town paving to Sun Circles and walling, we have all the materials and designs you will want to use in your patio.
  • Artificial Patio Grass: Some of our customers prefer their patio looking quite like their lawn, and it is indeed a clever idea, since a big patch of good-quality artificial grass surrounded with panelled wood or reclaimed stone slabs does make a neat picture. If you are one of such patio owners, you will love our artificial patio grass in its unique texture options. We also stock shock pad and cleaning kits to give your patio grass an authentic and clean look.
  • The Cleggan Collection: this collection will be coming soon later in 2018.

Expert advice after a visit to your Ballymoney patio & garden

As professional landscape artists and builders, we try and give our customers greater service quality than others. To make your patio in Ballymoney looking its best, we are willing to go beyond supplying the best quality materials and equipment that you will find in the market and offer you our expert advice. With our professional advice you will be able to work on your patio efficiently and such expertise will also help you achieve great patio design in Ballymoney. One of our experts will be able to visit your home and guide you in picking patio design options that are closest to your wishes without letting you go out of your budget.

Order patio landscaping products online with home delivery service

All of our patio landscaping products are available in our online store. You can use this website to place your order for the items together and we will be happy to deliver them to your doorstep. The online store allows you to see the products you are buying and read important specifics so you choose the products that best fit your needs. Ask us any questions you might have about the online store or our products.

Or simply visit our store to buy the right products for your patio in Ballymoney.