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Find your quarrystone in Ballymena

Looking to buy Quarrystone ? Quarrystone is a widely used material in both construction and garden landscaping. Quarrystone is easy to source, durable, affordable and versitile. You can find Quarrystone in most gardens,  Slemish Landscape Centre recommends it as a product to be used as a subbase for paving or landscaping material in your garden. How much does quarry stone cost? Since it’s a commonly found stone type and easy to work with, Quarrystone is an affordable option for everyone. Why not look through our large selection of Quarrystone @ Slemish Landscape Centre.

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A great variety of quarry stone near me

What is the best Quarrystone for my garden? Visit the website of Slemish Landscape Centre and discover the perfect materials for your landscaping project. We only sell top-quality products. Our locally sourced Quarrystone is ideal for -

  • Pathways
  • Drives
  • Sub-bases
  • Kerb Bases

These products can be used before laying -

Our 6mm, 10mm, 14mm, 25mm and 50mm clean stones can also be used as drainage stones. If in need of any help, please contact us. Our friendly and skilled staff always knows how to solve your problems and can even assist you in your projects. Please take a look at our online shop for the full range of products.

Quarrystone Ballymena Slemish Landscape Centre

Find the best stone near me

Do you need advice on our variety of stone? Slemish Landscape Centre sells quality materials at competitive prices that perfectly suit any garden landscaping project. After all, Slemish Landscape Centre hasn’t been the number one decorative stone, sand, topsoil and precast concrete products specialist for nothing.

Although we stock a very versatile range of products in all shapes and sizes, bulk bag items and landscaping services are what we do best. If you have any questions, our staff is always happy to help.

Where to buy soil products near me?

Where to buy soil products near me? The best quarrystone for sale near me is at Slemish Landscape Centre, where you’ll only find quality materials at competitive prices. Order online and we aim to deliver your order within 3 - 4 working days of placing the order. However, delivery times may be longer during busy periods. Bulk Bag Items are delivered via lorry and Crane.