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Buy the best paving slabs near me

Paving your garden makes for an elegant and clean-looking space. A garden can be upgraded instantly by adding suitable paving to it. However, getting your paving from the right seller is highly recommended. Low-quality paving might break or wear out much quicker. Where to buy paving slabs? At Slemish Landscape Centre. You’ll be in the right place and find a wide range of decorative stone, sand, and precast concrete products here. Slemish Landscape is the best-known seller of paving slabs in your area and a true specialist. If you’re not sure where to buy paving sand either, note that Slemish Landscape’s got you covered.

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Popular garden slabs in the UK

Garden slabs are the most often used to pave a garden. This is for some good reasons; they’re widely available, affordable, and versatile. Garden slabs exist in all shapes and sizes and can be bought in various materials. Slemish Landscape Centre in Ballymena’s got quality materials for competitive prices. Pick from an enormous assortment of garden slabs, like:

  • Decorative stone
  • Quarrystone
  • Sandstone paving
  • Porcelain paving
  • Granite paving
  • Bradstone paving
  • Individual paving slabs

As you can see, Slemish Landscape Centre’s got a great product range. Suppose you’re looking for the best grout to install your garden slabs. Look at the assortment of Joint-it products available in our online content. For all your questions you can always contact our friendly staff.

We help you with paving your garden near Belfast

Do you need advice about paving a part of your garden? Slemish Landscape’s friendly staff is always happy to give some. Do you need a landscaper? We can do the job for you and help you pave together the garden of your dreams! Slemish Landscape Centre has been a decorative stone, sand and precast concrete products specialist near Belfast for a long time now, meaning we’re fit to help you out with anything landscape-related.

Visit the online Slemish Landscape store and look at our paving tools, block paving cutter, grafter shovel, paving cleaning tools and other products that work great in combination with green in the garden. The best place to get these from is Slemish Landscape Centre in Ballymena. First-class customer service is assured!

Buy paving slabs at Slemish Landscape Centre

Where can I buy paving slabs near me? This is a question many gardeners ask themselves. If you want to buy paving slabs near Belfast and look for quality materials at competitive prices, we recommend you buy paving online from our website. Slemish Landscape Centre offers free home delivery within 15 miles of our store in Ballymena. We also advise customers to visit our store, where we have an elaborate range of toys and gifts in-store, for example, Britains Toys for kids. The best place near me to buy your paving slabs is Slemish Landscape Centre.