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Welcome to the Decorative stone section of our web-shop

At Slemish Landscape Centre we are confident that whatever decorative stone you choose it will add colour and class to your garden. We can supply stone suitable for fill, Decorative stone for finishing touches, driveways, paths, borders, flower beds and graves.


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At Slemish Landscape Centre we can offer you a great variety of decorative Stone . Our Decorative stone can be used on 

  • Drive ways
  • Path ways
  • Borders
  • Raised Beds
  • Graves

A garden isn't all about green and plants anymore. It's an extended living space where you chill and relax with friends and family. At Slemish Landscape Centre we understand that it's difficult to pick the right decorative stone yourself. Do you want to find out which material is best for your garden? At Slemish Landscape Centre we will help you choose the right material for your garden.

Our professionals are always willing to help you find the perfect paving. Give us a call or send an e-mail.

Buy decorative stone near me

Where to buy decorative stone? Visit Slemish Landscape Centre to buy decorative stone near Belfast. Ornamental stone gardens look magical and aren’t that hard to create. All you need is suitable materials and a bit of our expertise. How to put decorative stones around my house? Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts is always happy to help.

Whether you want to buy bulk decorative stone or looking for decorative stone chippings, Slemish Landscape Centre is the right place to be. Bulk buying is possible per tonne bags of decorative stone.

Decorative garden stone near Ballymena

How much decorative stone do I need to fill my garden with? This is a question many people ask themselves. Slemish Landscape’s friendly staff is always happy to give advice and help out with your landscaping projects. We can do the job for you and help you create the stone garden of your dreams! Slemish Landscape Centre has been a decorative stone, sand, topsoil and precast concrete products specialist near Belfast for a long time now, and we sell quality materials at competitive prices. Laying decorative stone is one of our expertise fields.


Its Decision time ! Need Help ?

At Slemish Landscape Centre we pride ourselves in a friendly and helpful service. We are here to help right from the beginning when your garden transformation is just an idea in your head to when the delivery lorry is delivering your product right to your door.

For help and advice call us on 02825857449 or contact us via e-maill at info@slemishlandscapecentre.com

Feel free to call out to our depot for a chat and to view our extensive range of products.

You can also find us on facebook at slemishlandscapecentre.

We can also supply any of our decorative stones in bulk (loose) loads. Please contact Slemish Landscape centre for pricing and availability.